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The Wave story is discussed and used in studies around the world.
Teachers use it in secondary schools and universities.
The story has many forms - movies, books, plays and musicals; television, radio, magazines and newspapers.
It is used in history classes, Holocaust classes, social justice classes, psychology and English language classes.
It is a popular topic on Internet blogs everywhere.
The story is a great way to stimulate conversation about these difficult and timeless topics of human nature.

Several countries will be showing the "Lesson Plan" film on TV (click to see networks)
(including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Israel, Turkey)
contact us if you see one announced, and we will list it here

If you would like us to visit your school, play or organization, contact Ron Jones, Philip Neel, and Mark Hancock

If your film festival or school would like to screen "Lesson Plan" please email Executive Producer Philip Neel
If you would like to produce "The Third Wave" play or musical, please email original Wave teacher Ron Jones


(suggestions for additional countries are welcome at:

  Argentina (Fan page)  
  Australia ABC2 Television "Sunday Best" - "Lesson Plan" documentary movie shown across Australia on 10/2/11 2011
  Austria Austrian Commission for UNESCO production of "Die Welle" play, with European Grouptheater & Jugendtheater Company 2013, 2009
    "Die Welle" screening at University of Graz poster  


  Belgium Theater Zeemanshuis and University of Antwerp - "De Golf" play 2011
  Botswana Ditshwanelo 12th Annual Human Rights Film Festival - "Lesson Plan" documentary movie  (pdf) 2012
  Brazil "A Onda" (Die Welle) movie review in blog 2011
  Canada CBC Radio - The Current show - "Lesson Plan" story with Jones/Neel/Reit interviews on 4/19/11 2011
    Knowledge Network TV, British Columbia - "Lesson Plan" documentary movie screening 2011
    White Rock Social Justice Film Society - "Lesson Plan" documentary movie screened on 11/30/12 2012
    Simon Fraser University, Centre for Education, Law & Society, "Action for a Just Society" summer institute 7/11/11 (pdf) 2011
    "The Wave" musical production (done several times in various countries) 2000
  China Baidu info page on The Third Wave       A blog review of the story       Jones' short story on Chinese blog  
  Czech Republic "Die Welle" movie review  
  Denmark "Die Welle" movie review  
  England Pembroke Players in Cambridge - "The Wave" play 1999
  Finland YLE Teema TV - "Lesson Plan" documentary broadcast 9/27/12 2012
  France "La Vague" (The Wave) book by Todd Strasser       French computer Wave wallpaper     "La Vague" DVD review page  
  Germany "Die Welle" major movie production home page                       2008
    SAT1 TV - Johannes B. Kerner show - Group interview with Jones/Neel/Reit/Gansel (YouTube) 2008
    "Die Welle" musical by Thomas-Morus-Realschule, Ostringen with TV report video     also: a play/musical in Berlin in 2000 2011
    Theater Rednitzhembach in Bavaria - "Die Welle" play 2010
  Greece National Theatre of Northern Greece - "The Wave" play 2013
    "Τo Κyma" (Die Welle) movie review 2008
  Hungary Bárka Színház play "A Harmadik Hullám" (The Third Wave)  on 11/11/12   PromoVideo1   PromoVideo2   Video3 2012
  India "Wings Cultural Society" in New Delhi - "The Wave" play 2012
  Iran The Wave on a blog in Iran 2012
  Ireland Dublin Fringe Festival - "The Wave" play        Do the salute for a beer (YouTube) 2012
  Israel Jerusalem English Speaking Theatre - "The Third Wave" play (Jerusalem Post review) 2013
    Haaretz Newspaper - article about The Wave on 4/4/11 2011
  Italy "L'Onda" (Die Welle) film review (doc file)  Italian blog about Die Welle   Die Welle at Torino Film Festival  and Verbania 2009
  Japan "Die Welle" movie home page in Japan 2008
  Netherlands "Movies That Matter" Film Festival in The Hague - "Die Welle" screening 2010
  New Zealand Rialto Channel TV - "Lesson Plan" documentary aired 4/19/2012 2012
  Norway Bergen Film Society - "The Wave" movie screening 1/29/2008 2008
  Poland Planete TV signs up to air "Lesson Plan" documentary 2011
  Portugal History Channel TV signs up to air "Lesson Plan" documentary 2011
    Third Wave blog   and   "Die Welle" movie review 2012
  Romania "Die Welle" screening in Brasov 2012
  Russia Third Wave blog in Russia     Russian Die Welle blog     Jones' original short story in Russian book (pdf)  
  Spain El Teatre Lliure in Barcelona - "L'Onada" major play  (home page with video and other links) 2013
    Grupo de Teatro Juvenil at the Universidad de Salamanca - "La Ola" play  (YouTube)         "La Ola" movie in Pravia 2009 2012
    Grupo Telon of Fundacion German Sanchez Ruiperez  (YouTube video - full play)    and again in 2012 (YouTube) 2011
  Sweden Die Welle movie review on blog in Sweden 2008
  Switzerland German Swiss International School in Hong Kong - "Die Welle" book discussion meeting 9/14/12 2012
  Taiwan Taiwan Public Television - The Third Wave story    and     The Third Wave on a blog  
  Turkey Al-Jazeera TV signs up to broadcast "Lesson Plan" documentary movie 2011
    "Die Welle" movie review in Turkey 2008
  United Nations UN Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action - "Lesson Plan" documentary screening with Reit/Hancock (pdf) 2012
  United States "Lesson Plan: TheStory of The Third Wave" documentary movie home page 2010
    "The Third Wave" play by Ron Jones on-going
    "The Third Wave" musical by Ron Jones    and   more information here on-going
    KIRO Radio interview by Tom Tangney with Neel/Jefferey/Hancock on 6/7/11 (YouTube) 2011
    Atlanta Jewish Film Festival - "Lesson Plan" documentary movie screening 2011
    Har Zion Temple High School in Philadelphia, PA - "Lesson Plan" screening to ~500 students, Q&A with Jones/Neel/Hancock 2012
    Goethe Institut - "Die Welle" movie at film festival in Washington, D.C. with Jones Q&A     and note after (sold out) 2009
  Uruguay Professor blog about the Wave in Montevideo  
  Venezuela El Grupo Teatral Skena at Teatro Trasnocho in Caracas - "La Ola" play  (YouTube)  and  announcement   and    Review link 2011


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Ron Jones - Original Wave teacher, author of Wave plays and musical, speaker and performance artist

Philip Neel - Executive Producer and Director of "Lesson Plan" documentary, original Wave student

Mark Hancock - Associate Producer of "Lesson Plan," original Wave student, class historian/webmaster
                      For a list of Mark's appearances click here



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